Wealthy Investor Community

Join our community and get access to investments that are currently working for me. These investments can include ones that the public might not know about. You also get to network with other investors as well as get access to a 200+ video course all about modern investing.


I have 10 years of investing experience


Over these 10 years, I have learned a lot and networked with other very successful investors. I bring forth this knowledge to the community.


Get access to investments that are currently working for me and any future investments as well. We also offer support for those that have questions.


Lunar Capital

We are a one-stop-shop for investing. We offer our Wealthy Investor community that has currently 10 different investments that are currently working for me. This also gets updated with any future ones that we do as well. We wanted to build a community of investors that can all help each other out with a similar goal. I was tired of seeing the wealthy investors hoard all the investing knowledge for themselves so this is why I decided to create this community. To help the average investor in a way that I wish I was helped when I started.


Why Choose Lunar Capital?

We’re your all-in-one membership into learning how to invest while benefiting from the investments that are currently working for us.

Wealthy Investor Community

As mentioned, you are able to network with other investors in our community as well as have group calls with me. I also share all investments that are currently working for me in a variety of different niches.

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Learn Everything

The Educational Course


Learn how to trade the biggest market in the world, the currency market. Banks do this with your money, why not learn how its done?


NFTs are here to stay and if you're learning now, you'll have a massive advantage to those that keep ignoring it. Learn all about them, why they will stay and how to trade them.


Mostly everyone wealthy has some diversification into the stock market. Learn how to trade and choose the right stocks,


The cryptocurrency market can be incredibly overwhelming and is dangerous if you don't know what you're doing. Learn how to properly navigate the market and select projects with the biggest upside with the lowest amount of risk.

Yield Farming

High net-worth investors have flocked to yield farming. Essentially, you lend/stake your cryptocurrency in return for earning "yield" similar to you lending your money to the bank and them giving you interest, only more lucrative. Learn how to properly set these up to earn up to 50%-200%+ per year.

Meet Reuben

10+ Years In Investing Experience & Has Made Over Millions In Investing

From going a 7-figure ecommerce consulting company to making millions in investing, Reuben was frustrated that he needed to go all over the place to learn what he knows now. He decided he needed to make a place where someone can learn everything they need while earning at the same time.

Reuben James

Professional Investor & Entrepreneur