Lunar Capital

Reuben wanted to create an investors hub and community with everything all in one place. Clients can learn the most popular investing avenues while getting access to investments that are currently working for Reuben. These can include investments that the public might not know about. This community also allows investors to network with each other and all work towards a common goal.


Reuben James

Reuben graduated with a degree in physiotherapy in 2012. He followed this up in 2013 by attaining a degree in teaching.
Shortly after this, he began his vocation as a secondary school science teacher and private tutor. It was around this time that Reuben began building his first company, RJM Tax Exemption. In under 3 years Reuben successfully developed his vision from its infancy into a highly successful and reputable consultancy firm.
Possessing a longtime fascination with wealth creation, Reuben has a keen interest in the world of trade and investing, particularly the forex market.
Reuben has volunteered his time extensively over the years to working with everyone of all ages and is passionate about seeing them live productive but rewarding lives.
To this end, Reuben is currently a key beneficiary for the charity ‘Hope for Justice’, an organisation working to end modern day slavery.
In his free time, Reuben enjoys playing on his drum kit and working on his tennis game.





Started Journey

Started trading forex/stocks and really getting into the investing world.

Teaching degree

Deciding he loves to help people progress, Reuben got his teaching degree.

Ecom business

Reuben built a 7 figure ecommerce consulting company around taxes and tax savings strategies

Lunar Capital

Show/teach others in his Wealthy Investors Community